måndag 28 november 2011

This is just cruel

I  love these "iphone fails" but this one was cruel!

But i still love it :)

fredag 25 november 2011


I have thought about the adventure for a while now, not to go on an adventure, but an adventurous life. And have you thought about all the other animals have a more adventurous life than most of us?

We sleep, work, go to the store then eat and sleep again.
An animal must move, find food, survive, explore new areas, it is an adventure, some of us live the life, others do not.

Money is what prevents us from adventures, we must sleep, work, go to the store then eat and sleep again. Close to our home. But remember the old days when there was no money, which helped the young man to grow and learn all about how to grow food or bought meat, until he was ready to find a girl and they went away from the village, find a home , get their food.
But now the world is not so interesting, because we will get us everywere in a few hours.
But the adventure of love will always be an adventure for all, love for the girl / boy, money, travel, work and everything.
The adventure leads us to move, see new things, so if we have lost the ability to love, we have not much left, but then begins the next adventure! The adventure to find love again! So if you find love, seek not your closest, search the farthest!

I would like to live a life before money, before the machines, with my love, on a trip to our new home, not the modern "adventure".
Do you agree with my view?

Why is it so hard?

Our minds, atleast mine, constantly have that thought " why is it so hard?". Why is it so hard, not to think "why is it so hard?". we all keep thinking, why couldnt i become handsome? why can't i become rich, why can't i lose weight? but why is it so hard, not to be positiv, accept who you are, and Think "why it is so hard, yes why? fuck it i'm doing it!"

This is my list of "Why is it so hard?"
Why is it so hard..
*For me to lose weight.
*For me to change my apperence the way i always wanted.
*For me to earn those big money, with a work i really want.
*For me to do this online video, blog, and keep working on it for a long period.
AND the most important *For me to keep my friends..

I LOVE food, but at the same time i hate it, the good things for you taste like shit.. but i have to change it and some day, i'll fall in love with that kind of food, No im not supersize, but im not small.. i want to lose weight so that i can have more stamina and be faster witch is good to be when you practis wing tsun, witch is a style in kung fu that grandmaster Ip Man used, and that Bruce lee practiced. but that is not the only reason that i want to lose weight, it's because i want to dress good, right now i'm dressed like a true gamer. Sure i am one but i don't have to dress like it..
The big money, i thought of doing like nigahiga and kevjumba..
But i already know that i don't fit for it, then theres cooking, i hope :)
I did go to the copenhagen cooking school, but i havnt got the 3 years working in a kitchen done yet... prob will never happen i'm affraid :/

I've noticed that when you go on with your life, to the next job or school, you lose all your friends but find new ones at the job, BUT i work with old people, funny people but noone i can have as friends, i hope that i can get some new friends when i get a new job. I still meet some of my old friends sometimes, twice a year or wth...

BUT! It's time for some changes, search for your "why is it so hard?" questions and make sure to eliminate the negative thoughts!

First off starting soon, work out everyday and record the progress.

Can't say that i hate my job, i get to meen such cute pets!
The reason this image became so blurry it's cuz i forgot the ISO was on 64^^

OLD Classic, The reason - Hoobastank

måndag 21 november 2011

Följ min blogg med Bloglovin

Sony ericsson X10 mini update


This piece of shitty mobil desided NOT to wake me up today, even tho i set the alarm and the volume to max in both phone and media settings! luckly my GF woke me up 5 min before i had to go.

Today i dont feel like doin' anythin'

No really i don't, BUT i have to work, pay the bills right.
Malmoe city, Malmö city have some heavy fog right now, and when the windscreen wipers just don't remove the water but smears out the water and it's dark as hell, it's quite hard to see..

BUT taking photos is the fog, was a new experience. bad enough my crap cam gave me such bad results.. again.. check it out!

Goin' back to work, Good day all!

lördag 19 november 2011

My hometown, Malmoe

I want to show you some pictures of my hometown malmoe, a got a few i will post now and there will be more later on!

All photos taken by me